ectopic expression

ectopic expression
эктопическая экспрессия

English-Russian Biotechnology Glossary. . 2007.

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  • Ectopic expression — is the expression of a gene in an abnormal place in an organism. This can be caused by a disease, or it can be artificially produced as a way to help determine what the function of that gene is. Ectopic expression of a gene can be done by… …   Wikipedia

  • CDX2 — Caudal type homeobox transcription factor 2, also known as CDX2, is a human gene.cite journal | author = German MS, Wang J, Fernald AA, Espinosa R, Le Beau MM, Bell GI | title = Localization of the genes encoding two transcription factors, LMX1… …   Wikipedia

  • H19 (gene) — H19 is gene for a non coding RNA, found in humans and elsewhere. This gene seems to have a role in some forms of cancer.The H19 gene is also known as ASM, ASM1 and BWS, among others.cite web | url =… …   Wikipedia

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  • HOXB4 — Homeobox B4, also known as HOXB4, is a human gene.cite web | title = Entrez Gene: HOXB4 homeobox B4| url = Cmd=ShowDetailView TermToSearch=3214| accessdate = ] PBB Summary section title = summary… …   Wikipedia

  • GATA2 — GATA binding protein 2, also known as GATA2, is a human gene. The protein encoded by this gene is a transcription factor.cite journal | author = Lee ME, Temizer DH, Clifford JA, Quertermous T | title = Cloning of the GATA binding protein that… …   Wikipedia

  • Mesenchymal-epithelial transition — A mesenchymal epithelial transition (MET) is a reversible biological process that involves the transition from motile, multipolar or spindle shaped mesenchymal cells to planar arrays of polarized cells called epithelia. MET is the reverse process …   Wikipedia

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  • SOX2 — SRY (sex determining region Y) box 2, also known as SOX2, is a transcription factor that is essential to maintain self renewal of undifferentiated embryonic stem cells.This intronless gene encodes a member of the SRY related HMG box (SOX) family… …   Wikipedia

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